Deciding to undertake a luxury renovation on your entire New York City home or apartment should be exciting. You are finally going to bring your vision to life. In just a few months, you will be living in a brand new, customized space designed specifically for your lifestyle and with high-end finishes that would make the homes in designer magazines jealous. Then why are you so nervous to get started? If I had to guess, it’s probably because you’re like most clients I talk to when they get to the stage of selecting a contractor. They’ve all heard of or know someone who had one off those nightmare experiences. You know the situation I’m describing, everything seems great at first then the contractor stops showing up, things get delayed, the cost isn’t what they originally said, and you’re left to deal with managing the project yourself and making sure everyone is doing their job. Throw in all of your other life responsibilities, like work and family, and no it’s wonder you’re nervous!

Having been involved in the luxury home building industry for almost 20 years Prime Renovations has been built on the pillars of trust, communication, and transparency to avoid the exact situation described above. With hundreds of successfully completed luxury renovation projects throughout Manhattan and its surrounding areas, Prime Renovations delivers on the promise of building your dream home or apartment while also providing a seamless, stress-free, and incredibly enjoyable “white glove” experience. As a result of undertaking some of the most unique projects throughout the city we truly understand the high level of customization and intricacies involved in each project we undertake. Add in the specialized project management systems we have refined throughout the years and we are one of the few luxury contracting firms with the expertise to adeptly manage your renovation from end-to-end while staying on schedule and on budget.


Step 1: Design & Concept – We want to know our clients, their goals, lifestyle, budget, and vision. It is then we are able to best exceed expectations and work as a team to make your renovation dreams a reality. As a part of this initial consultation, our team will visit your site and conduct a walk-through to really understand exactly what needs to be accomplished. During this part of the process we unlock our network of trusted advisors including, architects and designers that we’ve curated for over a decade. These professionals have helped us to create and manufacture some of the most refined and luxurious home renovation throughout Manhattan and its surrounding areas.

Step 2: Project Development – Once your dream home has been designed, Prime Renovations relies on its unmatched vantage point and streamlined process to bring your project to life. We align your budget with every goal, desire, and aspiration for your home. Our experience and careful consideration of detail helps each client make difficult decisions with ease and provides insight into every aspect of home renovation, facilitating a seamless and clear-cut process.

Step 3: Project Execution – It’s time to build! Now the fun really begins, and this is where Prime Renovations absolutely differentiates itself from competitors. Not only do we have the requisite skills and a team of highly trained, detail-oriented Project Managers that allow us to deliver luxury renovations that each client will cherish, but because we understand that communication and transparency are two of the biggest pain points for people undertaking a luxury renovation we offer each client access to our software that allows them to view their renovation progress throughout each and every day. Communication, transparency, & timeliness is key!

Step 4: Welcome Home – Upon completion, it’s now time to for you to kick-back, relax, and enjoy. All you need to do now is open the door and start planning a party to show off your customized luxury renovation to friends and family! We love helping clients conceptualize and ultimately build the spaces they deserve. We work hard so you don’t have to.

Thinking about starting your own luxury renovation in Manhattan or the surrounding areas? Contact Us today to share some details about your project and to schedule a call with our team. The call is no commitment, and we can discuss your goals, budget, our experience on similar projects, and any other questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

Prime Renovations is an elite, luxury contracting firm in Manhattan, NY. For the past 17 years we have been relentlessly focused on providing each and every client with a truly custom, “white glove” experience consisting of an unparalleled level of design, detail, communication, timeliness, reliability, and execution.