Get Your Contractor Lined Up ASAP!

One of the best reasons to call the Contractor early is they know exactly what is necessary to get a project started and they can help guide you through the process, saving time and money. As a luxury renovator of homes and apartments throughout New York City and the surrounding areas we are intimately familiar with the process and can manage the multiple moving parts.

So How Does My Contractor Help Me to Start My Renovation?

Throughout the years we typically meet with our clients one and one during a site visit to really hash out exactly what their lifestyle, needs, and wants are. As a boutique firm, our owner Jeff Streich takes a hands-on approach to every renovation and sticks with clients every step of the way to ensure the renovation goes as smoothly as possible. During the site visit we are often asked one of the most important questions – how much is this all going to cost?

Knowing the approximate cost of your project before deciding to move forward in the process is one of the most important reasons to call a contractor early. Meeting with the contractor early to discuss why you want to do the project will provide valuable information for the contractor to give you a more accurate cost range. This is often critical in helping you make an informed decision.

If the cost range sounds good to you and you’ve decided to move forward in the process, that’s great! The next step in the process may be to find an architect and/or designer. This is an area where Prime Renovations really excels. We have an elite network of some of the most prestigious architects and designers across New York City. We are able to make introductions, recommendations, and help to move your project forward. An architect and/or designer will ensure that your vision meets the structural requirements and that the space is both livable and good looking! Once preliminary plans are drawn, they may be given to the contractor in order to draft preliminary specifications and narrow down your project cost. Occasionally, the plans will need to be redrawn and refined and having a great contractor in your corner will help to coordinate this process.

Permits, Certificates of Occupancy, Zoning, and More…

Now you’ve got the plans and you’re ready to get moving along – well sort of. The next step in the process is to obtain proper permits from the city. A contractor can guide you through the steps to get one. Because requirements vary from city to city, building to building, the best thing to do is check with yours! It’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you need permits and don’t get them, you may be fined and/or the job may be shut down mid-stream causing delays. A great contractor can help to mitigate risks in this area and keep your renovation on schedule.

By getting your contractor involved early and having them with you every step of the way, many of the potential pitfalls that can come up during a renovation can be avoided. By working with a firm like Prime Renovations you will set yourself up to complete work on time, on budget, and finish with a gorgeous renovation you will love for years to come.

Prime Renovations is an elite luxury contracting firm in Manhattan, NY. We are relentlessly focused on providing each client with a truly custom, “white glove” experience achieved through unparalleled design and detail, client communication, and project execution.