Our mission is to make renovations a great experience for our clients. It is a very tough business and we make it easy.

Prime Renovations was founded in 2004 because of a chance encounter between owner Jeff Streich and a perfect stranger. Jeff was working in exterior contracting (waterproofing) at the time, and found a cell phone. He returned the phone to its owner, a man who also happened to own 200 buildings in New York City. Because of Jeff’s contracting experience, the man asked Jeff if he wanted to do some interior work. Prime Renovations was born.

Our business has grown immensely since that fateful day. We have had many clients, and are happy to discuss past projects if you contact us.

Jeff Streich, Owner

I have been in the construction business for 13 years. My skills are more of the quality control and making sure the projects come out as good as they should.

We are licensed with the Dept of Consumer Affairs; We have an A plus from Better Business Bureau and I am a Certified Lead Renovator from the EPA.

I have a college degree in business administration.